Transactional Email Providers: Mailgun vs Amazon SES vs Sendgrid

Owning a business requires a lot of communication. Once your website is up and running, there are emails, chats, and text messages to consider connecting. Which service will connect best to your Sendlio marketing account and seamlessly keep you in connection with clients and colleges?

What to look for in an email service

In order to seamlessly combine your marketing account and a messaging account, you need to rely on an email service that can provide function at a great price. You'll want functions like email monitoring, domain reputation tracking, easy-to-read dashboards, and enough space for file sharing without compromising the bottom line. Mailgun, Amazon Simple Email Service, and Twilio Sendgrid are all able to connect to the Sendlio marketing system and provide you with features you will love.

Mailgun by Pathwire

Mailgun is an email service that caters to developers. They have the solution that almost every startup business would need. Features that set it apart from lower-end free email services have given it enough of a boost to become a viable business solution.

Price and features

Features include email API, validation, burst sending, email deliverability options, Mailjet email marketing, and inbox placement. Plans for the program are based on how many emails are predicted to be sent out each month. This is good news for smaller startups.

The smallest plan offered, the Flex plan, gives 5,000 free emails and a pay per send rate of $0.80/ 1,000 emails after the free emails have been depleted. The foundation pricing includes 50,000 emails a month for $35. It includes features like verifications, log retentions, documentation, support 24/7, and analytics. Additional emails are offered, and additional validations cost $1.20/ 100.

Two more plans are offered for $80 and $90 per month, with the unlocked features list growing with each increase. Solutions that require greater than 100,000 emails a month for enterprises will need to contact Mailgun customer service to customize a solution to fit the company.


  • Instant email account access with a subscription
  • Multiple subscription levels
  • Pay as you go level with free emails
  • Automated email parsing
  • Email marketing
  • Send time optimization
  • Advanced analytics
  • Live chat support


  • Email amount limitations
  • Feature limitations tied to pricing
  • Rapid-fire burst service and advanced delivery services are only available with custom enterprise services
  • The additional cost per email is $0.80
  • The additional cost per validation is $1.20
  • One dedicated IP
  • No text message or chatting feature

There is a three-month trial period for testing the service, simply sign up for the Flex plan and begin setting up your account. After the first three months of use, you'll be able to pay per send. The service has many features and has two main servers to secure the data. Mailgun offers resources to help you gain control of your business email communication and send out newsletters and sales papers quickly and efficiently.

Amazon Simple Email Service

Amazon is notorious for providing great services for online entrepreneurs and their communication app Amazon Simple Email Service is no exception to the rule. Their email service allows developers to send mail from within any application. It can safely integrate your marketing emails with your transactional and mass email communications.

Price and features

Amazon's email service includes features like Sender Configuration Options, Flexible Deployment Options, Sender Identity Management and Security, Sending Statistics, Reputation Dashboard, Deliverability Dashboard, Email Receiving, and Mailbox Simulator. With these features, you'll be able to test your mailbox to determine if it can handle a large incoming and outgoing email set without failing on a marketing email program.

Pricing is a pay-as-you-go price based on the number of emails sent and received. There are no contractual tiers to unlock, and there is the Amazon Web Services Monthly Calculator that can help configure the cost. Sending an email from an application hosted by Amazon EC2 will cost nothing for the first 62,00 emails and $0.10 for every 1,000 emails afterward. Plus, additional charges for attachments with the cost of $0.12 for each GB used and using EC2.

Using a non-Amazon communication software attachment will cost $0.10 per 1,000 emails and $0.12 per GB of attachments. Receiving an email is free for the first 1,000 emails no matter which service is used. After the first 1,000, it cost $0.10 for every 1,000 and $0.09 for every email information package of 256KB received.


  • Discount for attaching to an Amazon service
  • No contracts or high monthly fees
  • No unlocking services with subscriptions
  • Low pay as you go fees
  • Three different IP options


  • All additional services have a fee
  • All data received and sent incurs a fee
  • No free or trial email settings without Amazon integration
  • High price for deliverability dashboard add-on, $1,250 per month for reputation monitoring for 5 domains and 25 email placement tests.

The Amazon Simple Email Service is just that, a business solution that is simple. Pay as you go pricing can benefit companies just starting while giving them access to tools to increase their business. However, the applications solutions can carry a hefty monthly cost which can reduce the feature-to-cost ratio for the bottom line.

Twilio Sendgrid

The Twilio Sendgrid company offers a trusted and simple email delivery service. The cloud-based solutions service over 80,000 current customers. Combining a team of 30+ deliverability experts with its IP streams and reputation features allows consumers to focus more on growing their business rather than their email infrastructure.

Price and features

With a custom-built MTA architecture infrastructure built for the cloud that can scale to your needs, the email service can adapt to the needs of any business. Create reports easily based on the timeframe, category, ISP, geography, and device the email was sent from. Expert assistance is available 24/7 globally for any problems or questions.

There are two main plans available from Sendgrid, email API, and Marketing Campaign plans. Email API has three tiers of pricing, starting off with the free plan. Explore the features with 100 emails per day for free with no contract or end date. The essentials plan starts out at $15 per month and unlocks a few key features while the pro plan unlocks all the features for $90 a month.

The marketing campaign plan also has three tiers beginning with the free version. In the free tier, you can store up to 2,000 contacts and send up to 6,000 emails per month. The basic plan allows you to design, send, and measure the marketing email progress for $15 per month. The advanced plan unlocks all available features to help guide the email marketing program for $60 per month.


  • Free versions on both types of plans
  • Low-cost middle tiers
  • Report creating
  • 24/7 service
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Transactional and marketing email


  • Vague service features
  • High pro and advanced pricing
  • Unlocking features by subscription tier

While the Twilio Sendgrid service website boasts about its success with paying clients, it does not expound on what those services provide. The only way to navigate and learn which services and features are provided is by making a free account and trying it out. While that might be an option, email services integration should be simple and easy to set up. There is no information given about what services are available to integrate into, simply contact the sales team for further information.

Which email platform is best to use?

Of the three services compared, the best service would be the one that offers your company the most features for the lowest price. Since Sendlio is not Amazon EC2, there is no free email option to integrate with the Amazon Simple Email Service, making it a pay-as-you-go service purely. It does offer small features like using your own IP or owning one, and the dashboard add-on would be useful, but the cost may be too high for startups.

The overly vague descriptions of the services of the Sendgrid can cause some customers to pause in accepting the free account. Taking the time to explore an application to determine features and if the integration will work with your chosen software may be a time and money-wasting move. Chatting with their sales team may provide more information to make the determination, but again more research has to be done to determine the software's usefulness.

Mailgun is at least upfront about the costs of their services and the tiers on which they unlock. Starting at the pay-as-you-go tier may be best for smaller companies at the beginning. Those who are larger and have a stable income that is looking to increase their email marketing through both Sendlio and Mailgun could benefit from the higher tiers, especially if they know what they need.

At the end what mail service will be best for your company is up to you. Sendlio can integrate seamlessly into the three listed email services and provide your business with beautiful, automated emails. Monitor your audience behavior through your email service with Sendlio and increase your reach.


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