Three Emails to Double Check Before the Holiday Season

Holiday sales keep increasing year on year. With the 2020 increase rate surpassing 2X that of the average year-on-year growth, as calculated from previous years. 

(According to the National Retail Federation, 2020 retail holiday sales grew at 8.3%, amounting to $789.4 billion.)

This continued increase in holiday sales indicates that consumers have a lasting habit of excessive holiday shopping. (Making holiday sales a critical element of any 'smart' brand that's looking to boost its results in this area.)  

Fortunately, rock-solid holiday email marketing is a perfect means to boost holiday sales. And this article seeks to provide insights into three of the most important emails you should send during this period.  

First, Why Email for Your Holiday Marketing? 

While all marketing tools and channels have their benefits, email is particularly suitable for promoting holiday sales for several reasons.

One, email has the highest ROI over other marketing mediums. And recent changes in consumer behavior (following the pandemic;) somewhat strengthened its position as the most appropriate holiday marketing tool.

Two, emails are great for a mobile-first economy. 

Mobile shopping skyrocketed amid the pandemic, as many people felt uneasy about in-person shopping. With COVID-19 still lingering, this trend is likely to persist throughout the 2021 holiday season and beyond. (Especially with the rise of better in-app shopping experiences.)  

Seeing that more emails are read on mobile devices than desktops, it's only logical for organizations to use emails to leverage holiday sales. That means using responsive email templates, where shoppers need only press the "Buy Now" button to enter the sales funnel. 

Three, emails offer instant buying options.

Nowadays, people are accustomed to buying based on discounts. They seek out flash sales and instant purchase options this time of the year.  

Brands can, therefore, leverage email's instant buying options, such as the ability to include the "Buy Now" buttons that direct recipients into their cart. 

For best results, link the purchase buttons (or links) to dedicated landing pages. (Matching your email to your landing page reassures to-be shoppers that they clicked the 'right' link—reducing friction in the sales/conversion process.) 

Four, emails make personalization easier (which then makes email more effective and efficient)

Personalization is a critical marketing trend. And email is one of the best marketing channels that provide multiple personalization opportunities. (Personalization then makes email more effective and efficient. With personalized emails having 8X improved click-through rates and 6X more transactions. And the cycle continues.) 

With that said, here are three emails you can leverage to appreciate subscribers and engage them with 'special' holiday campaigns. 

Three Emails to Double Check Before the Holiday Season

During the holiday season, it's easy for brands to find celebratory days that i. fit their industry and ii. resonate with prospective customers. Be it Halloween, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Giving Tuesday, Small Business Saturday, you name it.  

Regardless of the exact holiday that suits your brand, here are three emails you should not overlook when looking to increase holiday sales. 

Email 1: Sales Email 

Holidays provide the perfect time for brands to send free shipping offers, special discounts, cash backs, and other holiday promotions conceivable. 

As noted, shoppers are more accustomed to buying based on discounts this time of the year. They are on the lookout for flash sales and instant purchase options. (Making sales emails a 'smart' move for any organization looking to increase their holiday sales.)

For best results:

Customize your subject lines

You can use "power words" that highlight things people are thinking about during the holiday season. 

(It could be sales-specific, such as discount, free shipping, savings, hot deal, or promotion. Or timeliness such as today-only, open now, order now, exclusive, limited, etc. You can also use holiday-themed words like X deals of Christmas, good cheer, season greetings, and more.) 

Or personalize the subject line, say by including the recipient's name. (After all, personalized subject lines can increase open rates by 26%.)

Using holiday-themed emoji (like the snowman) is another way to customize your email headers and increase open rates by nearly 45% while at it. The same goes for popular holiday traditions like:

  • Trimming the tree
  • Holiday foods like latkes and cookies 
  • Lighting a menorah
  • Opening an advent calendar, etc. 

Here are more tips to boost holiday sales with your sales email. 

#1: Include vital information such as:

  • Gift card services 
  • Customer service contact details 
  • Shipping information 
  • Estimated final delivery dates 
  • Tracked shipping or real-time shipping updates 
  • Gift wrapping options, etc. 

#2: Target customers who had shown interest in buying from your store in the previous season. 

#3: Add CTAs that invite prospects back to your store 

#4: Segment your email list to send relevant deals to each subscriber. (You can segment the list based on demographics, purchase order size, etc. And in so doing, stand to increase your click rates by 64.78% and open rates by 14.37%.) 

#5: Promote your deals earlyideally 41 days before the season/sale. The goal here is to i. investigate what people want to purchase and ii. alert the consumer about your offers – giving them enough time to prepare to shop.   

#6: Utilize last-minute deals to target people intended to shop in person. (Or for in-person locations.)

#7: Leverage abandoned cart and back-in-stock emails to drive more sales. An abandoned cart may indicate that something was missing or wrong with the consumer's shopping experience. It might be shipping costs, out-of-stocks, or better deals elsewhere. 

Whatever the case, you can take it as an opportunity to send more persuasive promotions and convert more leads. That is, offer discounts, promote payment services, pledge immediate delivery options, etc. 

Converting holiday sales emails to regular emails

Once the season is over, you can change any holiday-themed CTAs, graphics, or emoji with regular ones. You can also adjust your offers and discounts to match the market trends in your niche. 

Email 2: Welcome Email for New Customers

Retailers often see an influx of email subscriptions in the holiday season. (Which translates to more chances to make a first impression.) 

So why not leverage that opportunity by curating welcome emails experiences that are personalized to the season? All while taking advantage of such emails' traditionally higher open rates

According to Entrepreneur, a welcome email gets 86% more opens, 196% more clicks, and 320% more revenue than a sales email. (Now, that's logical for when prospects subscribe to your list, your organization is top of mind. A welcome email then provides an excellent opportunity for you to engage them with compelling offers.)

Holiday welcome emails are particularly important for the following reasons. 

One, a "season's greetings" email kicks start a personal connection with prospects. That may, in turn, positively impact their customer lifetime value. 

Two, they provide an opportunity to invite consumers back to your store through product updates, loyalty program reminders, and special offers/recommendations. 

They also boast high open rates, which minimize the chances of your emails being flagged as spam. 

When sending holiday welcome emails:

  • Use seasonal imagery 
  • Share upcoming events or orders by deadlines
  • Link to holiday discounts, gift guides, and other valuable content 

For optimal results: 

  • Send the welcome email immediately after subscription 
  • Make sure it's recognizable by adding a high-resolution logo, tagline, or other elements that differentiate your brand. 
  • Ask the recipients to engage or provide them with an incentive to engage.
  • For example, a coupon code or an exclusive offer. 
  • Personalize the email based on the subscriber's demographics, stated interests, or history 

For inspiration, here are cool welcome email ideas you can try. 

Gift guides 

Holiday gift anxiety is a common occurrence in the times leading to the holiday season. (As many people struggle to decipher what to gift their loved ones.) 

As a brand, you can address this issue by sharing relevant gift guides to your email lists. (The goal is to relieve subscribers from decision paralysis associated with choosing holiday gifts.) 

For optimal results, curate gift guides as per the shoppers:

  • Hobbies and interests 
  • Price point 
  • Age group 
  • Product type, etc. 

Holiday tips

Sending relevant tips to help relieve subscribers of some holiday craziness can be handy. Just make sure the hacks are related to your brand as well. For example, if you're in the photography niche, you can share tips on capturing crisp Christmas photos. (As opposed to a review of the best indoor grills.) 

Include limited-time promotion 

Sending a welcome email with a holiday theme and limited-time promotion can boost your transaction rates.  

Contests and advent calendars 

A holiday-themed contest is an excellent way to make a first-time impression. For best results, make the contest fun and time-sensitive. Ensure its term and conditions are well displayed and clear too. 

You can also leverage the advent calendar to keep your subscribers engaged throughout the season. For example, you can schedule daily email reminders notifying subscribers to click on "the day's date" to uncover freebies. (Which can take the form of a discount code, limited-time promotion, eBook, holiday-themed video, or any other valuable.) 

Transitioning a holiday welcome email into regular emails 

First, you can send a post-holiday email to: 

  • Engage and nurture subscribers who joined your list to leverage a great holiday deal
  • Signal a return to normalcy 

After which, you'll focus on consistently delivering value as promised in the welcome email. (The idea is to maintain lasting relationships with subscribers. And keeping promises is one way to achieve that. So if you promised weekly updates with industry stats, keep that promise.)

While at it, request for more information to personalize future emails even further. 

Email 3: Thank You Email for After Purchasing

Studies show that gratitude is no small thing. It can have positive effects on the receiver. (For shoppers who already had a good experience with your brand, that means an increased chance of a repeat purchase.) 

When the 'thank you takes the form of an interactive holiday greeting, readers may even share the email with their friends and family on social platforms. (Further increasing the possibility of more sales.)

Better still, saying "thank you" might transform a good shopping experience into a great one – boosting the chances for repeat sales or referrals. 

When sending a 'thank you' holiday email? 

  • Keep the message simple. A simple "Happy holidays! Thank you so much for shopping with us" will do.
  • Use words of gratitude, such as appreciation, thank you, support, etc. 
  • Make the message sincere. 
  • Make the email attractive by including recognizable holiday themes and traditional motifs. (Keep in mind that whatever theme you choose; should reflect your brand and encourage engagement with the reader.)
  • Include interactive games, micro-sites, videos, and other interactivities 

And seeing that " thank you" emails are your chance to put a "human face" on your organization, consider signing the message or adding your employees' photographs. 

Converting "thank you" holiday emails into regular emails 

When the holiday is over, you can send post-holiday emails to:

  • Signal normalcy 
  • Ask for referrals (be sure to entice customers with valuable content or gifts as rewards for referring their loved ones.) 

Spread Holiday Email Cheer

Email marketing is undeniably vital marketing too, which can be transformed into a high-converting traffic medium for your company during the holiday season. (That's particularly true for sales, welcome, and thank you emails.)

Thus, get creative with your subject lines. Strike a balance between promotions, holiday greetings, and valuable information. And address your reader's needs with every deal you add. 

Ready to take your holiday email campaigns to the next level? 

When your cash registers are all set to go ka-ching, get a head-start on your holiday email campaign with sendlio. 


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