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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an audience member?
An audience members is a contact record for someone you send a message to. This would be a single customer in most cases.
Do you offer breaks for high volume?
Yes! Our per member pricing naturally gets less expensive the more members you have. Have  100k customers? Let's talk!
Is there a commitment?
Nope! You can cancel at any time on our monthly plans. To receive annual discounts we do ask that you sign a one-year term.
Are there any other costs?
We keep our costs low by letting you connect existing Twilio and email accounts. You will incur fees with these providers, but we do not charge any other fees.
How many messages can I send?
Since you pay Twilio and your email providers directly for usage, we don't limit how many messages you can send. Your provider may have thresholds in place.
What happens if I hit my limit?
There are no limits. As you add more members to your account, your subscription will automatically adjust. We never cut you off for hitting a sending limit.

Want us to do everything for you?

Through our parent company, Cannesis, we offer a full suite of "hands-off", done-for-you services.
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Are you sending cold email?

Check out Sendlio Storm - an easy-to-use platform built specifically for cold outreach.

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