Comparing Sendlio vs. Mailchimp

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Sendlio vs. Mailchimp Pricing

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High-volume senders need better tools for their marketing. Sendlio not only gives you more features than Mailchimp, but we do it at a fraction of the cost. The table below compares Sendlio's full-featured plan to Mailchimp's basic "Essentials" plan.
Contacts Sendlio Mailchimp
2,500 $24/mo $31/mo
5,000 $34/mo $53/mo
10,000 $59/mo $79/mo
15,000 $84/mo $135/mo
20,000 $109/mo $170/mo
30,000 $159/mo $230/mo
40,000 $209/mo $260/mo
50,000 $259/mo $270/mo

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Sendlio vs. Mailchimp Features

With us, you get every feature on every plan.

We don't nickel and dime on features. While Mailchimp forces you to upgrade to access premium features, we give you everything we've got no matter how much you're paying us!
Feature Sendlio Mailchimp
Drag and Drop Editor
Simple Integrations
Email Marketing
SMS Marketing
Voice Marketing
Audience Segmentation From $299/mo
Marketing Automation
Recurring Automations
Signup Surveys
Monitor Competitors
Engagement Map
Connect Your Database
Custom SMTP
RSS to Email
Remote JSON to Email
Event Feedback Loops
Multivariate Testing From $299/mo
Campaign Calendar

Let's get creative...

Take your marketing to the next level when you switch from Mailchimp to Sendlio.
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