How Automations Can Amplify Your Marketing Strategy

Outbound marketing refers to a sales and marketing method where a business pushes a message to potential customers. The marketer initiates a conversation with prospects through cold calls, text messages, email, billboards, trade fairs, etc. 

Traditional outbound marketing faces problems like call barring, email blocking, high cost, low ROI, and tracking challenges. All these are solvable through automation. It makes sales and marketing teams more efficient by eliminating most of the manual tasks.

According to HubSpot, 61% of businesses utilizing automation exceeded their 2020 revenue targets. This post discusses how automated marketing boosts conversions and ROI through personalized messaging and better customer engagement. Read on. 

Importance of Personalization in Marketing Messaging

Businesses constantly send different marketing messaging to the same audiences through every available channel. From phone calls, TV commercials, newspaper ads, emails to social media posts, the content can be overwhelming to consumers. For this reason, people naturally ignore unsolicited communication.

That means that reaching out to your target audience with generic content is inefficient. The chance of engaging and persuading them to do business with you is slim. Your best bet is to talk to the audience directly about their interests and needs.

Marketing personalization refers to interacting with your customers or audience in a way that feels personal to them. The message must take into consideration the prospect's pain points, likes, preferences, and interests.

A personalized marketing strategy can include:

  • Customized emails
  • Personalized advertisements
  • Tailored marketing video
  • Targeted product recommendations

Here is why personalized marketing messaging is vital.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The modern consumer expects a superior customer experience at all stages of their journey. Looking at statistics, 66% of consumers will terminate a purchase if they encounter content that isn't personalized or optimized for their devices.

Customers are happy to engage with your brand if you offer something in return. For instance, they can subscribe to your mailing list or download a white paper to take advantage of a discount or coupon code.

By filling out forms, customers provide valuable information about themselves, like names, age, city, gender, etc. You can leverage the data to enhance customer experience during future interactions.

Higher Sales and Revenue

Personalization requires you to know your customers. If you recommend products or services that solve their problems, they will most likely consume them. You'll spend less effort attracting qualified leads and converting them into buyers.

Reinforced Customer Retention

Personalized experiences can contribute to customer retention. Segment reports that 44% of consumers become repeat customers after having a personalized experience with a brand.

Why do you need customer retention? Your profits can rise by more than 25% if you increase customer retention by only 5%.

Automated Sequences Save Time and Are More Relevant to Recipients

A successful outbound marketing strategy is highly fragmented and uses many channels. You might have to create ads and marketing content for social media, trade magazines, newsletters, direct mails, text messages, and emails.

You must segment contacts, send individualized messages, and nurture and leads until conversion. If done manually, the process can be laborious and time-consuming.

Here's how automated marketing sequences can save your time and be relevant to your prospects.

Schedule Messaging Ahead of Time

Automation solutions keep marketing organized by enabling marketers to plan when to send emails or post social media messages. An added advantage is that you can quickly schedule messaging for various segments based on data from your customer relationship management (CRM) system.

You don't have to send the same message to your entire customer database. Instead, you can schedule as many variations of the copy as your customer segments. Every recipient gets a message that's relevant to their needs and interests.

Save Time Creating Campaigns

Most marketing automation software tools come with templates that enable you to design appealing user interfaces regardless of your technical expertise. You can quickly build landing pages as well as email and social media campaigns. You can execute outbound campaigns faster and more efficiently, saving time for your design team.

Remove Irrelevant Contacts

If you value your time, you'll want to present your marketing content and demos to people who are likely to convert. An automated sequence can help you target the right customers in several ways:

  • Create contact lists of people who are interested in your business
  • Remove contacts who unsubscribe from your list
  • Delete wrong email addresses
  • Eliminate recipients who block your emails
  • Remove people who don't respond
  • Stop messaging when contacts respond

Send Emails When Customers Are Available

Many people inform interested parties when they won't be in the office for extended periods, like during vacations. If your sequence detects an out-of-office alert, it stops sending out emails to that contact.

You can continue the conversation when the prospect comes back. Alternatively, you can set the waiting period for your marketing tool to resume messaging automatically.

Know When to Call

Another benefit of marketing automation is that you can track when a potential customer is on your website. Some tools allow you to set notifications to see the pages that visitors are navigating in real-time. With such insights, you can make calls to qualified leads when they're thinking about your product or service.

Crafting Customer Journeys Can Enhance Better Relationships and More Sales

Customers often abandon purchases when they can't find a straightforward way to interact with a business. For instance, a customer can move to a competitor if searching for products on your e-store is too convoluted. You can boost customer relationships and increase sales by crafting intuitive customer journeys.

What Is a Customer Journey?

A customer journey is the route of all touchpoints a prospective buyer follows with a brand along the way to purchasing and afterward. It describes how a customer interacts with your business to achieve a goal.

How Crafting Customer Journeys Increases Sales

Through automation, you can learn how potential buyers interact with your brand. You can then craft a fantastic customer journey by supporting the experiences that influence consumers' emotions and attitudes throughout their lifecycle.

When you have a 360-degree view of the customer journey, you can pinpoint its bottlenecks and eliminate them. By so doing, consumers encounter fewer pain points, leading to more prospects completing the purchase. They enjoy interacting with your business, and you attain more sales and revenue.

Automated Timing Via Multiple Channels Maximizes Customer Engagement

One of the greatest benefits of marketing automation is that it enables marketers to reach customers via multiple online and offline channels. You can send targeted emails, text messages, postcards, phone calls, and so forth at different stages of the customer journey.

Your presence across various channels drives more customer engagement since you can connect with the audience through their favorite medium. However, timing is paramount.

Importance of Timing in Marketing

Many organizations don't appreciate the importance of timing when rolling out their marketing campaigns. They push their efforts throughout the year. While this style works for some businesses, it often leads to little ROI in the long run.

Essentially, there's a perfect month, week, or day of the week to send your marketing communication to different prospects. There are also periods when you should forgo your marketing email, direct mail, phone call, or text message. Shopping behaviors change according to economic, political, and cultural factors like tax periods, elections, adverse weather, etc.

The best approach is to invest more in marketing when a business or product is likely to appeal to the market. That is when consumers will pay attention if you reach them through the channels they use. With the right messaging, you can achieve better customer engagement, garner more qualified leads, and maximize your sales. 

Analytics for Sequences Is More Insightful Than Individual Correspondence

Modern businesses gather a lot of information about their customers. You possibly know who interacts with your brand and what they usually seek from you. You can enhance engagement if you know how to talk to them.

The best way to learn how to communicate with your customers is through a marketing analytics tool. It enables you to predict conversations ahead of time. You can utilize the information to build meaningful customer interactions and get a comprehensive view of engagement.

Unfortunately, many businesses don't make the best use of analytics. They use the information to discuss performance only instead of interpreting and using it to enhance engagement.

Fostering Engagement Through Analytics

Savvy marketers use automation tools to predicts conversations. For instance, insights from the data can indicate who might be interested in your offer before running a promotion. You can use the information to devise messaging that your target audience will like.

Analytics helps you to understand where a customer is in the buying journey. You also get a glimpse of the content that will guide the person to the next stage.

If you can initiate a thoughtful conversation, you can rest assured that customers will engage. Each article, phone call, email, text message, or video strengthens your relationship and deepens the connection.

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