Set marketing on autopilot

Connect with your customers on a personal level using automated email, text and voice messages.
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Stir up a buzz like never before...

Increase visibility, announce popup locations, and generate demand by reaching more potential customers in a hyper-personalized way.

Email Messaging

Automate your newsletters and nurture ongoing customer relationships.

Text Messaging

Connect with customers anywhere they are by sending personalized text messages.

Voice Messaging

Place personalized, automatic phone calls for customers who don't use email or text.

Get Personal

Survey customers to gather high-quality and relevant data that can be used to personalize message content and create audience segments.

Set it and Forget it

Automatically send personalized messages to each customer via email, text message or phone call without having to lift a finger.

Join thousands of local businesses just like yours

Food trucks, ghost kitchens, festival vendors, and delivery services all use marketing automation to increase business and customer retention
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"We grew our customer list by double after automating our marketing and email outreach with Sendlio."
- Jon, Founder

Gather data you can actually understand

Monitor your marketing performance at-a-glance and easily identify new opportunities to grow your business.

Monitor Engagement

Analyze customer activity on our live map and send messages to customers based on where they live,  work, and play. 

Know Your Subscribers

Easily identify your most engaged customers along with missed opportunities to increase revenue and efficiency in your business.

Connect with Customers Everywhere

Create automated sequences to send out emails, text messages, and phone calls to each individual customer on a schedule you choose.

Oh.. and it's easier than making a taco.

Try it for free. No commitments, no credit card required.
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Are you sending cold email?

Check out Sendlio Storm - an easy-to-use platform built specifically for cold outreach.

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