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5 Regulations Every Marketer Should Be Aware Of

** This article is not intended to be legal advice ** Businesses have to interact with many parties to accomplish their goals. For instance, marketers are responsible for creating brand awareness to attract potential customers. However, how you communicate or use the data you collect is subject to various state, federal, and international regulations. This […]

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Podcast: Interview with Chanta Peak - AT&T | Motivational Speaker

Join us as we chat with Chanta Peak about her work with first responders, adapting your mindset for success, the future of communication technologies and the zombie apocalypse. Luis: So hello and welcome to Sendlio podcast. My name is Luis. Brandon: And I'm Brandon. Luis: Today we have Chanta Peak from AT&T, an aspiring motivational […]

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How to Effectively Segment An Audience

Traditionally, marketers would segment audiences based on common KPIs such as LTV, whether someone purchased a specific product, or by the type of relationship the business has with that customer (wholesaler, retailer, end-user, etc). These types of audience segments can be effective to a degree, but using behavior-driven segments can help create engaging experiences for […]

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Podcast: Interview with Ryan Pfleger - CEO of PayWhirl, Inc.

Join us as we sit down with Ryan Pfleger from PayWhirl, Inc. to discuss personal mindset, company culture, cryptocurrency, and working with a distributed team in the midst of a global pandemic. Luis: all right so hello and welcome to the Sendlio podcast my name is Luis Brandon: my name is brandon Luis: and today […]

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How to Prevent Your Domain From Being Blacklisted

At some point in every email marketer's career, they will end up getting their domain or IP address blacklisted by one or more email service providers. This can be a huge interruption to your business and will impact your ability to communicate with your audience. While it happens to almost everyone at some point in […]

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How to Optimize MySQL for Large Datasets

We regularly have clients who ask us how they can better handle large amounts of audience data. Pretty much all modern databases can handle millions or even tens of millions of records without issue, but you can make everything faster and more dependable my tweaking your process a little bit. Here are some of the […]

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Why Using CSV Files in Your Email Marketing is a Big Problem

Many larger companies have to handle multiple email marketing lists. They may be set up by multiple departments, sometimes with insufficient communication between them. IT thus faces the challenge of integrating all of these lists. Too many companies resort to the apparently simple measure of storing the lists as comma separated values (CSV) files, which […]

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