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8 Benefits of Automating Your Cold Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the main mistakes that modern marketers make is putting a lot of emphasis on strategies such as video campaigns & webinars and completely ignoring one of the earliest yet most effective marketing strategies — cold emails.  Cold emails remain one of the most popular communication channels, which is why more brands are adopting […]

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Preventing Your Cold Emails From Being Flagged as Spam

As a salesperson who leverages cold emails to prospect to leads, what keeps you up in the wee hours of the night? Spam filters, most likely. The pesky tiny gatekeepers decide which emails land in the inbox and which ones are relegated to oblivion. It doesn't matter the thoughtfulness and personalization in your email or […]

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What To Do Next: Steps to Take After an Interested Party Responds to Your Cold Email

Cold emailing is usually a long, challenging, and frustrating process. You spend a lot of time identifying the right prospects and researching each of them to create a personalized email. A lot of time also goes into finding their email addresses and making regular follow-ups until you get a response.  More important than selling your […]

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The Definitive List of Cold Emailing Best Practices

Cold emails are more demanding than most communication approaches for two reasons. There's no relationship with your audience yet, and you won't get non-verbal feedback; hence, you can't adjust your line of communication in real-time. Consequently, most cold emails fail. Still, they can be effective. Cold emailing isn't as intrusive as cold calling, but it […]

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Three Emails to Double Check Before the Holiday Season

Holiday sales keep increasing year on year. With the 2020 increase rate surpassing 2X that of the average year-on-year growth, as calculated from previous years.  (According to the National Retail Federation, 2020 retail holiday sales grew at 8.3%, amounting to $789.4 billion.) This continued increase in holiday sales indicates that consumers have a lasting habit of excessive holiday shopping. […]

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How to Write a Follow Up Email In 6 Steps

If you work in an office or exist in the current world, you likely interact with your email daily. Email continues to be a preferred method of communication. For example, 39% of employees prefer to email to ask a quick question, 57% to send a status update, and 47% to provide feedback.  However, the average person […]

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6 KPIs that will help you gauge your email campaign's success

There's an old saying in the business world: "What gets measured gets managed."  That means that you'll have an easier time understanding how well a project is working if you have quantifiable metrics to tell you exactly how it's going.  Let's say you have a goal to lose weight. You'd track what you eat, how […]

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Guide to SMS Marketing for Restaurants

SMS marketing is blowing up in the business arena, and it's not hard to see why. Take a hard look at your restaurant; how many people are on their phones? How many customers are using third-party mobile apps to order from you? You're probably reading this article on your phone!  Mobile phones are highly convenient, […]

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5 Simple Rules for Awesome Landing Pages

Marketers create landing pages for multiple reasons. However, in the end, landing pages serve one purpose- to increase conversions. Indeed, it's every marketer's goal to create or optimize high-converting landing pages. While there are several technical aspects around designing a web page, designing an awesome landing page boils down to five critical rules. Here are […]

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6 Tips to Grow Your Startup's Email List

So you're actively striving to build a targeted mailing list to deliver updates, information, and marketing materials to prospective customers? And take advantage of the high return on investment associated with email marketing? Well, maximizing "the money in the list" goes beyond the numbers. You must build an email list made of subscribers who are […]

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