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How Often Should You Refresh Your Automated Email Marketing Tracks?

A great email marketing campaign will increase your leads, improve your sales and help you stay in contact with your customers among other great benefits. However, when your emails start to look dated or worse yet, if incorrect information is included in your emails, it could actually do more harm than good. And that's where […]

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The First Line of Your Email Marketing Message is 10x More Important Than Design or Copy

Marketing is constantly evolving and getting more competitive by the day. You must evolve or risk being left behind. To help you stay on top of trends in email marketing, revamping the first lines of your marketing emails is essential in order to optimize for success in 2022. Now more than ever, email marketers need to […]

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Building an Onboarding Email Marketing Track for New Subscribers

Most brands build their email marketing with a single automated track. Either customers sign up for the newsletter or they don't. For small brands and those just getting started, this is a perfectly reasonable approach. It gives you a chance to explore your email automation tools, to build a style and strategy with your newsletters, […]

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How to Use Email Marketing to Foster Repeat Customer Relationships

Relationship marketing is a customer-centered approach to marketing with a focus on building relationships with individual customers. Email marketing is vital in building and nurturing customer relationships. This is especially true now that contactless communication and business is becoming a standard for brands. You can effectively use email marketing to foster repeat customer relationships if […]

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Why and How to Keep Your Sales Team Aware of New Email Marketing Campaigns

Alignment between sales and marketing is an important component of most successful businesses. Companies that enjoy such alignment tend to perform much better than their counterparts that don't. In fact, one study found that aligned marketing and sales teams are 67% more efficient at closing deals! On the other hand, lack of alignment can lead […]

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How Often Should You Email Segments of Your Email List?

So, all your email marketing campaigns are off to a promising start. So far, you have built promising email lists for all segments of the campaign, and the leads are of high quality. You also have great ideas on what to write, and you have in your arsenal powerful tools to make the campaign a […]

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5 Things You Can Learn From Low-Engagement Marketing Campaigns

A lot goes into developing an effective marketing strategy. Regardless of whether you hire an outside firm or work in-house, companies need to seek the services of experts to conduct research, set goals, profile customers, create content, and analyze data. They do all these in the hopes that they will be able to generate leads […]

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Is It Time to Change Email Marketing Tools for 2022?

Email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication, but it still reigns supreme in personal and business usage. Moreover, it remains one of the most trusted forms of communication today, with over 77% of people choosing it to receive marketing and promotional messages. According to litmus, businesses that did email marketing the right […]

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Are Your Email Marketing Campaigns Generating $44 per $1 Spent?: How to Measure ROI

Email is marketing communication's holy grail in terms of customer interaction. Finding new customers for your services or products using email can be flexible, fast, and cost-effective. The same applies to retaining your current customers through repeat site visits. One might think that this advertising approach is passé. But with $44 returned for every dollar […]

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Cleaning Up A Low Engagement E-mail List: Why It Works For You And Your Customers

Like a bolt of lighting, another e-mail hits a phone user's phone. The all-too-familiar little red dot appears above the e-mail icon, and the user feels obligated to click on that application to see what new message has appeared in their inbox. For many people, checking the message is almost a reflex, but the final […]

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