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Today's customers expect more from businesses who want to gain their trust. Messaging customers on the right channel, at the right time is a complicated problem most businesses ignore simply because its difficult to solve.

That's why we created Sendlio - the world's friendliest audience engagement platform - to help businesses engage their audiences effectively and treat their customers how they expect to be treated - without the hassles of complicated software.




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Who We Are

Hey! We're Brandon and Luis. We met in 2017 in the local music scene in Atlanta, GA. Since then, we've formed multiple businesses together in retail and software. Over time, we experienced what many businesses do. We knew we should be connecting more with our customers but, other than sending out a newsletter every so often and the occasional sale or feature announcement, we didn't feel we were connecting with our customers in a way that represented what our businesses stood for - something had to change.

We searched for tools to help, but found that the ones we could afford didn't offer sophisticated enough features, and the tools that could do what we wanted were difficult to learn and expensive - like really expensive!  

So we built Sendlio to be a tool that meets sophisticated use cases, but is easy to use and affordable for any business. Sendlio lets you create meaningful customer journeys and build lasting relationships across email, SMS and voice. You can create powerful omnichannel automations and chain them together, reaching your customer at just the right moment across devices - or you can send a newsletter. We definitely still do that too!

Oh yeah -- we also have a podcast!

Luis Gorfinkel

Founder, CRO
Roswell, GA USA

Brandon Swift

Founder, CTO
Northfield, VT USA

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