8 Benefits of Automating Your Cold Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the main mistakes that modern marketers make is putting a lot of emphasis on strategies such as video campaigns & webinars and completely ignoring one of the earliest yet most effective marketing strategies — cold emails. 

Cold emails remain one of the most popular communication channels, which is why more brands are adopting them to reach out to their target audiences. They are especially useful in industries with stiff competition, and brands need to implement effective marketing strategies to attract more customers.  

The best way to launch your cold email campaigns is through automation. This is where you use automated workflows to send the right emails at the right time to your customers to increase their chances of conversion. 

Here are the top 8 benefits of automating your cold email marketing campaigns. 

  • Increases Your Sales and Customer Retention Rates

Whether your business already has an established customer base or you're just starting out, customer retention should be one of your top growth strategies. A shocking study revealed that it costs you 5 times more to attract new customers than it does to retain existing ones. 

Think about it this way; your customers are undoubtedly your most valuable assets. You also cannot rely on one-time purchases to increase your bottom line as it's not a sustainable growth strategy. The best way to increase your sales is by enhancing your customer retention rates. 

Cold emails allow you to strengthen your customer communications by letting your customers know that you haven't forgotten about them. When you regularly send these emails with amazing tips, content, and exclusive offers, you also position your brand in the minds of your prospects. This ensures that when they're ready to make a purchase, they'll automatically think of you. 

  • Increase Your Conversion Rates and Landing Page Efficiency

Landing pages are a must-have, especially if you run an eCommerce store. They allow you to expand your audience, enhance your brand awareness and promote specific products, making them an important revenue-generating asset. The only major downside of landing pages is that few customers will find them organically or on the first click. So, you have to increase their visibility by sending cold emails to your lists.  

By automating your cold emails, you leave all the heavy lifting to the software. This enhances your sending consistency and gives your customers the impression that your brand is more responsive and highly organized. So, when your email lists receive landing page emails, they're more responsive to it, making them highly likely to complete a purchase. 

This is because they'll have interacted with your brand numerous times and will have a better understanding of your business and the products that you offer. 

  • Gives Your Sales Team a Boost

Most businesses treat sales and marketing as 2 different branches while they're interconnected. Marketing to your customers using cold emails nurtures them into potential customers. This then ensures that they're more receptive when your sales team reaches out to them. 

Sendlio's email automating tool monitors your audience engagement. It lets you know the kind of email content that your prospects are interacting with the most. It also tells you the geographical location and time when prospects engage with your emails, allowing you to segment audiences using this data. 

For instance, if you send an email with a CTA directing customers to sign up for a free demo, Sendlio will let you know which recipients signed up. With this information, your sales team can reach out to them from a position of strength, making them more likely to complete the sale. 

  • Allows You to Personalize Your Emails

There are roughly 300 billion emails sent every day. This means that there's a high chance that your customers are drowning in promotional emails. So how do you stand out from the clutter and cut through the noise to ensure your emails are read? Through personalization! Studies show that over 90% of customers are more willing to engage with a business that sends them personalized and more relevant offers. So, if you're sending generalized emails to your prospects, it's no wonder your open rates are low.

You should, however, note that personalization isn't just about getting the recipient's name right or having a great subject line. It also involves tailoring the kind of content that you send to them. Sendlio allows you to craft personalized cold emails by combining multiple sources for each email and customizing the content to every recipient. You only have to connect the platform to a content source, and it will automatically create recurring and dynamic emails that your customers will love. 

  • Enables Automatic Follow-Ups Saving You Time and Money

The beauty of automating your cold emails campaigns is that they don't need any intervention. You simply set up the workflows, identify the criteria for triggering responses, and the software does the magic on its own. This means that you can rely on the automation software to work at any time. It also eliminates the need for a cold calling team as the salespeople will only reach out to the prospects when they're ready. 

The follow-ups are usually automatic, ensuring that you reach out to the clients promptly. This makes them more likely to complete a purchase. For instance, if a prospect clicks on a particular product on your email but doesn't put it in their cart, you can automate a follow-up email highlighting the benefits of the said product or offering them an exclusive discount. 

The best part about using Sendlio for your cold email campaigns is that you don't have to be tech-savvy. It's easy to use, and you can easily set up and manage the workflows.  

  • Helps You Nurture Sales-Ready Leads

The best sales strategies nurture leads throughout the buyer journey until they're sales-ready. Research shows that around 79% of leads don't convert, and this can be attributed to the lack of lead nurturing. If you reach out to your leads immediately, you get them so that they don't go cold, then you may lose out on potential sales, especially when they're not ready to be contacted. 

For instance, if a contact downloads your product catalog from your website, it only shows that they're interested in your products. This is in no way an indication that they'd like to talk to a member of your sales team. So instead of automatically calling them, you can nurture them through the sales funnel by sending follow-up emails with relevant and engaging content that's related to their download. 

This way, they will learn more about your brand, making them more receptive to your sales team when they're contacted later. You can also use Sendlio to automate your outreach by sending relevant emails over time based on pre-set criteria. 

  • Guarantees Better Targeting and Segmentation

Segmentation is one of the most powerful email-marketing tactics. It allows you to separate contacts into different groups based on various attributes such as purchasing behavior, geographical location, gender, etc. This then allows you to send highly personalized emails that are customized to the specific needs of the various groups. 

For instance, if you're running a Christmas campaign that's primarily geared toward people with families, you can use segmentation to ensure that the emails are only sent to people who fit the set criteria. This way, your emails will be more relevant to the prospects, and they will be more likely to complete a purchase.

Email automation tools like Sendlio also allow you to conduct split tests on small groups of people. This is especially useful in instances when you're not sure which email will yield the best results. Then, based on the split test results, you can send the winning email to the rest of the people, guaranteeing increased engagement rates. 

  • Ensures Highly Detailed Reporting

The beauty of automation is that you're able to view the effectiveness of your cold email marketing efforts and how it supports your sales funnel. This makes it easy for your marketing team to identify any bottlenecks in their strategies and empowers them to make the necessary changes. 

For instance, cart abandonment is one of the main sources of lost revenue. In 2020, the cart abandonment rate was 88% which is extremely high! With the highly detailed reporting capabilities of Sendlio, you can identify why users aren't completing their purchases. For example, if most of the people neglect their cart at the checkout stage, it could be that you don't have their preferred payment option or your delivery charges are high. With this data, you can identify why people are abandoning their carts and then resolve them. 

Leverage the Benefits of Automated Email Marketing Campaigns Today!

Email marketing is not dead. In fact, it has a 4,200% return on investment, making it one of the most affordable and effective marketing strategies. However, to get the most out of your cold email marketing campaigns, it's important that you use an automation tool. This not only increases your conversion rates and customer retention but also gives your sales team a boost. Cold email automation also helps you nurture your leads through the sales funnel, helps with targeting, and allows automatic follow-ups, ultimately saving you on time and costs. 

Are you looking for the most reliable email automation software? Sendlio is here to save the day! It allows you to track your outreach, personalize your content, and track your audiences for the best results. It also has highly detailed reporting capabilities. Contact us today for a personalized demo!


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